As an international education company, we work with young students from across the globe to aid and improve their experience of learning the English language. We strive to create the best programmes we possibly can, incorporating academic competitions with adventure and exploration, with the intention of overcoming language barriers and using English to bring these diverse cultures together. In doing so we hope to create bonds and common experiences that will help to shape the educational experience of each student, with all the photos, memories and friendships to last a lifetime.

Xpress Education is a company dedicated to providing students with unique academic experiences through cultural immersion and dynamic, up-to-date teaching techniques. Our dedicated activity leaders and academic staff use their wealth of experiences to bring these elements together to help the students to have fun with learning, appreciate the value of different cultures and most importantly, to aid their personal and academic growth.


•We provide international and culturally-focused academic experiences for all kinds of students from around the globe.

•We have adapted our teaching methods to encourage integrated learning and self-development from all of our students.

•We will present students with a safe, caring and ethical environment.


•We understand that each student is unique, in both who they are and how they learn, so we are constantly adapting our professional approach to teaching. This process allows us to work with each individual student in an open way that directly benefits their methods of learning.

•We adjust and focus our teaching practices to engage the students’ interests and to address contemporary and relevant issues.


•We use scoring and feedback methods as a form of evaluation in order to constantly improve and update the programme, benefiting both the students and staff.

•We encourage students from an early age to develop themselves in terms of self-reliance, social and professional responsibility and independence, not only during the programme but for the rest of their lives.


•We practice and promote good, ethical behaviour with the students. By introducing the students to a new culture we will help to teach them the meaning of equality and diversity. Showing them the importance of being respectful towards different cultures, social classes and races, so they can set an example of these values in the future and influence others in the same way.

•We have a team of experts in logistics and academics ready to make this one of the best experiences in the students’ lives, so they will never forget what they lived and learned with Xpress Education.


Xpress Education strives to encourage and inspire our students to develop their English language levels by meeting high-quality international academic standards and employing modern teaching methods. Students will be putting their English language skills into practice every day; not only throughout the competition but by using English in everyday life: in conversation and interaction with the cities locals, communicating with the staff, watching films and television, shopping and general entertainment. The students will experience the day to day life of our cosmopolitan destinations through exploration and discovery.

This programme is designed to encourage students to develop their independence and self-determination. Although students work as a team, putting into practice their skills through engaging and interactive activities, they will also work individually: developing their self-confidence and self-reliance. 

Students will develop and present group projects, working as a team and putting into practice their integrated learning skills. These projects will encourage students to learn about the people, the culture and the language of their chosen destination. This teaching is based on the ‘Culture and Language Integrated Learning’ (CLIL) standards. Students will practice and develop their English language skills by reviewing many different aspects of cultural interest, covering a range of interesting topics, all designed specifically for and around their location.

All of this allows Xpress Education to operate in our own unique way, with all the necessary tools to provide students with life-changing experiences. Our vision, values and passion for education, hand-in-hand with our dedicated and experienced team, will make sure this is an experience you will never forget.

Xpress Education. Education in motion.

•Excellence in Service and Support
•Commitment to Education