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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Perfectly perched on lake Ontario’s northern shore is Canada’s largest city, the national epicentre of food, art and culture, with a population as diverse...

London, United Kingdom

A place unlike any other, London is a city of splendours: with its iconic images and architectural marvels, where modern and historical live side by side in harmony...

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Frequently named as one of the best places on earth to live or visit, Vancouver is described as being Manhattan with mountains...



As an international education company, we work with young students from across the globe to aid and improve their experience of learning the English language. We strive to create the best programmes we possibly can, incorporating academic competitions with adventure and exploration, with the intention of overcoming language barriers and using English to bring these diverse cultures together. In doing so we hope to create bonds and common experiences that will help to shape the educational experience of each student, with all the photos, memories and friendships to last a lifetime.

Xpress Education is a company dedicated to providing students with unique academic experiences through cultural immersion and dynamic, up-to-date teaching techniques. Our dedicated activity leaders and academic staff use their wealth of experiences to bring these elements together to help the students to have fun with learning, appreciate the value of different cultures and most importantly, to aid their personal and academic growth.

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